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Grab Your Ticket

Want more success without more sacrifice? 


What would look different?  What would feel different?


Something that we had wondered about was how to find more success without sacrificing more of our health, relationships, or time.


We knew that we were not alone in this. In our search to find answers, we stumbled upon more women who wanted to join our community  who also wanted to attract sacred success into their lives and share the lessons they’ve learned with others. 


The beautiful thing about our community is that we all recognize that each and every one of us has a gift to share with the world.  We have gathered a beautiful constellation of souls together so that we can all share our genius with you  BECAUSE Sacred Success isn’t achieved in solidarity.


When you consider the consequences of sacrificing more of our health or our time for our loved ones; no wonder we hesitate to want more. What does this incongruence do to us as Women?  How has this affected our connection to ourselves, our businesses or with others.


We feel excluded.

We start comparing ourselves to others and never feel good enough.  Which affects our self-confidence and our self esteem and the consequences are:

  • we hide 
  • eat unhealthy foods
  • are moodier
  • don’t work out or look after ourselves
  • relationships suffer
  • we want to give up on our vision and so much more that we don’t talk about

This is why we’ve brought together over 30 expert speakers for the Sacred Success Live Virtual Summit. 


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Welcome to the 
Sacred Success Summit
May 9th & 10th, 2024
Featuring 30 Expert Speakers


Hosted by Samantha Kaaua, Candace McKim and Ranchelle Van Bryce.
Where Badass Women Breakthrough Barriers and Unlock Their Next Level of Success!


This is a LIVE, virtual, interactive Summit held on Zoom Conference, where 3 hosts simultaneously interview experts on topics of relationships, intuition, business, mindset, prosperity, motivation, worth, wealth and wellness. 

Each interview is 25 minutes.  At each time slot, you select the one you prefer to attend. 

Can't attend all of your choices?  No worries.  All presentations are recorded and made available to you with a general admission ticket and will be available to you after the event in our membership portal.

Over the two days we have Six (6) special speakers who will be imparting their wisdom for an hour. At this time, no other speaker will be featured at the Summit. 

You’ll be able to chat with speakers and attendees plus learn valuable tools such as:

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the talks: 

  • Achieve More Success Without More Sacrifice
  • From Invisible to Invincible! SEO That Works!
  • The Missing Pieces To Manifestation
  • 3 Common Marriage Myths That End Most Marriages
  • Listen Up Buttercup! STOP thinking there’s something wrong with you!!
  • The Psychedelic Path To Freedom & Fulfillment
  • How Dare You Shut The F@ck U

Samantha Kaaua, Candace McKim and Ranchelle Van Bryce, put this event together because they know the importance for women to achieve more success without sacrificing even more, to breakthrough barriers and become their best version of themselves. You will absolutely love becoming a part of this unique constellation of women!!! 


The Sacred Success Summit team has chosen 30 of the best highly successful and impactful Global Speakers! They will be bringing their most transformative and influential, proven myth busting, mindset shifts and transformational paradigm shifts to the event.


You’ll gain even deeper clarity for yourself, feel inspired, motivated and confident while connecting with other incredible women!


Even if you’re not in business for yourself you will still receive tons of value from attending this virtual event. There’s a speaker to help you enhance every aspect of your life, wellness, relationships, mental health and more.


This is the event where you will breakthrough your most hidden barriers and unlock your next level of success! Grab your ticket below!


This Summit Is Different


We promise that this will not be another Summit where tons of information is pushed towards you, with promises of tools that will change your life. What we do promise is that each speaker is going to share with you 'paradigm shifts' that will change how you look at things, allowing you to change perspectives and outcomes. 

Afterall, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer



Grab a General Admission ticket for $0 (free) and watch 30 amazing souls live plus get a free gift from each of the speakers.  As an added bonus you get access to ALL of the speakers' recordings so that you can watch as many of the presentations as you wish.

A VIP ticket for only $97 gives you access to all of the benefits of the General Admission ticket PLUS over $15,000 value of specially curated VIP Gifts admission to VIP Day on May 30 from 11 am to 4 pm PST featuring interactive sessions and coaching with Candace, Ranchelle and Samantha. This will be a time to connect, learn, and mastermind together.





The Missing Pieces to Manifestation

Shatter common misconceptions that keep holding you back, learn the secrets of attracting and receiving your deepest desires and activate the magic of sacred synchronicity.



Achieve More Success Without More Sacrifice

Join Ranchelle as she shares the 4 Pillars  to build a Sacred Business so you no longer are required to sacrifice your family time, health or happiness. What if you could access how to create a life and business that are designed for you, based on your DNA. No longer following cookie cutting strategies that no longer work. Let's elevate and up-level together.



3 Common Marriage Myths That End Most Marriages

Join Samantha as she unveils the truths often overlooked in marriage, and reveals her top trade secrets for transforming ANY relationship. Gear up to discover powerful perspectives that leads to lasting love.



From Invisible to Invincible! SEO that works!

Learn how to get found Online so that you get "Gifts from Google".  Move from being invisible (page 2 and down) to dominating your niche. There are many non-techie strategies that work!



The Psychedelic Path to Freedom & Fulfillment

Discover how psychedelics, coupled with mindful integration, can offer rapid breakthroughs in self-awareness, healing, and creativity, propelling you towards a life of clarity, purpose, and peace. This session promises not just insights into navigating your psychedelic journey safely but also practical steps to harness these experiences for lasting personal and professional growth.



Listen up Buttercup! STOP thinking there’s something wrong with you!!

It’s time to flip the script on self-doubt! With Michelle you can count on her sassy humor, candid truth, and practical insight. This session will inspire you to discover your unique fabulousness, silence your inner critic and boldly break free from all the guilt and expectations so you can live life




The Success Principles - How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

Jack is the co-creator of the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series which has sold nearly half a billion copies in 51 languages.
He’s had 42 New York Times bestsellers and is the only author to have SEVEN books on the New York Times bestseller list on the SAME day for which he received a Guinness World Record.

Jack’s more recent work is “The Success Principles: How to Get from where you are to where you want to be.”
He is the founder of Canfield Training Company out of Santa Barbara, California and is often referred to as America’s #1 Success Coach.
Speaking on Jan. 26, 2023 at 5:30pm PST


Ashlie Allen

Flip the Fear: Creating Ease for the Soul

Unlock the power to turn fear on your soul's journey into effortless ease.  Through strategic reframing of your thoughts, environment and rituals, you can seamlessly awaken your life.  Embrace your personal narrative shift and forge deeper connections with the divine, your inner wisdom and your life's true purpose.  YES - it gets to be easy.

Benjamin Blackett

You’re AMAZING: Stop Letting Men Hold You Back

Are you feeling unmotivated to do the things you love? Do you feel your relationships are suffering and you don’t know why? It’s time to step into the power of who you really are and finally feel safe, at peace and prosperous in your life!

Beverly Beach

HAITI: Capturing and Increasing the Water-Holding Capacity of Soils

A healthy ecosystem spontaneously produces clean water springs, abundant water sources, increased crop yields, and fertile soils. By incorporating trees into farmlands and communal land, To Build A Village (in Haiti) aims to mobilize a full restoration of Haiti’s depleted watersheds through community-led initiatives and regional plans. Improving agricultural yields on such a large scale requires a radical rethink of water-management strategies across Haiti.

Brooke Kekos

Healing The Nervous System Is Key To Achieving Your Goals

Learn how a balanced and resilient nervous system can have an impact on our ability to respond to stressors, overcome challenges, and stay on course toward our aspirations. This talk will illuminate the path to emotional stability, enhanced decision-making, and resilience, all of which are vital for our sustained goal achievement.

Cindy Legare

How to turn your Mindsh*t to Powerful MindSHIFTS

Alright rebels and know-it-alls, listen up! Today's talk is not your typical self-help spiel. We're diving deep into the art of transformation, but we're doing it our way. So, if you've been skeptical or think you've heard it all before, I challenge you to stick around and see what we've got in store. We're talking about turning our MindShit into powerful MindSHIFTS, upgrading one belief and one bite at a time. Get ready to rebel against the norm and embrace the power of change. Let's shake things up together!".

Cynthia Chambers

From Chaos to Clarity: Embracing Transformation and Spiritual Renewal

As a seasoned corporate professional turned coach, Cynthia shares powerful narratives of self-awareness and mindset shifts, guiding you through the path to spiritual renewal. Learn actionable strategies to navigate chaos, embracing change and unlocking transformative potential.

Dena Woulfe

Master Your Time: Transform Your Workflow with Smart Systems

Join Dena Woulfe as she unveils the secrets to revolutionizing your entrepreneurial journey. Discover how integrating smart software systems not only saves you time but also amplifies your ability to focus on what truly ignites your passion. Experience a transformative shift that harmonizes

Denise Rowe

Stepping into AI: Empowering Your Future with AI

Discover practical ways AI can enhance your career and personal growth, with insights drawn from a seasoned consultant’s journey into the heart of AI

Diana Bejasa

Work Smarter Not Harder: 3 Secrets To Break The Burnout Cycle

Is stress running - and ruining - your life? If you are sick and tired of constantly feeling sick and tired, then it's time to reclaim your health, happiness, and quality of life - without sacrificing your goals! Ready to fix the real root of the burnout cycle? Let's unlock the path to your balanced and fulfilling existence: where YOU are taking charge of your stress, not the other way around.

Jackie Mott

Choosing Life After Divorce: It's Time to Rise and THRIVE

Jackie will share her personal journey, the lessons she learned and the wisdom she’s gained, and how she was able to rise from the ashes and build a new life that’s more beautiful than she’d ever believed was possible for her.  Your life isn’t over, you can find joy again, and whether you chose it or it was chosen for you, your divorce might actually be the greatest gift you’ve ever received! Join us for Jackie’s inspirational message and learn how you too can choose to Rise and THRIVE.

Jaclyn Kaminski

Universe Within: Embodying Transformation and Truth

That there is no such thing as rules, some other human ego made them. Who says that is your truth. The empowering truth that we each possess the innate capacity to heal ourselves, and also the profound understanding that our reality is a direct reflection of our internal beliefs.

Dr. Jeni Wahlig & Calvin Osili

Unlocking Love’s Potential: Surprising Insights Into Relationship Struggles

Love can be powerful and transformational, but when we feel unhappy, unsatisfied, and hurt in our relationship, we question what has happened to love. Worse, the solutions we attempt in order to heal and improve the love in our relationship don’t often work! Why!? The answers may surprise you. In this presentation, we will lift the veil to peer underneath the surface of our relationship struggles, see what’s really going on, and reveal the secret to truly unlocking love’s great potential.

Kathryn Yarborough

The Secret to Manifesting More Clients

As a coach, healer, or on purpose solopreneur, you need clients to do the work you’re called to do, thrive financially, and feel fulfilled. Right?!? If you’re not attracting as many clients as you want, it could be that you’ve forgotten (or never learned) the secret to manifesting more clients. In this inspired presentation, Kathryn Yarborough will share a tiny shift in perspective you can use to become a magnet to your ideal clients and grow a business you love!

Kathy Baldwin

Inner Wisdom, Collective Power: Empowering Women to RiseUP Together

Discover how to shed societal conditioning, tap into your authentic self, and harness the collective strength of like-minded women to navigate life's transitions with confidence and grace. Join us to unlock the secrets of personal growth and collective success, and take the first step towards driving your destiny towards fulfillment and achievement.

Marsha Barona

Hang Up The Cape!

Teaching over-scheduled women how to hang up their superhero cape; to take back control of their time, and learn what self-care truly means.  It's time to maximize your quality of life!

Nancy Nance

Soulful Liberation

People will tell you that grief is something you get over.  I call bullshit. 

Nicole Mattice

Your Service is Selfish

Does it ever feel like you're holding everything together? And if you take a moment for yourself it will all fall apart? What if I told you that the way you are serving others is silently suffocating you? Would you believe me? Join me, as I share with you how to "be of service" without sacrificing all of who you are.

Pixie Lee

How to walk in your purpose with confidence

Everyone has a story to share but they don't always think it is for everyone. We talk about 3 way to find your purpose and walk with confidence without allowing your past to dictate your future.

River Easter

Stop Feeling Guilty: Set Boundaries for less chaos

Discover ways to get your time back and feel better by drawing the line where it needs to be drawn. Learn practical strategies to cut down on the stress, dodge the whole burnout bullet, and actually get along better with folks at work and home. You'll get why laying down some rules for yourself is a game-changer, how to tell when it's time to tighten those rules up, and how to let people know what you need without losing sight of who you are.

Rose May

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom:  Achieving Inner Balance in Business and Love

How do you successfully balance career aspirations and foster deep emotional connection in relationship and thrive in your dream life? What if you could live your dream life as a journey rather than a place to arrive at, something to achieve, or something that you are chasing? Join Rose May, Mindset Coach for Business Results and Relationship Intimacy to learn more about how to move into your natural state of ease and flow and follow your bliss.

Rosemary Levesque

From Fear to Free; How to Activate Your Healing System

What’s keeping you from vibrant health, abundance, and ultimate healing, even when your situation looks hopeless? Physical health is a reflection of emotional and spiritual health combined with toxic stress stretching you to your limits. In this presentation learn how to easily activate your healing system to go beyond limitations of fear and finally feel free to thrive beyond disheartening beliefs.

Sherrie Cameron

How Dare You Shut the F@ck Up!

Unleash your truest essence and speak your inspired message boldly. It's time to stop worrying about hurting others' feelings or doubting the value of your voice. In this talk, we'll explore how embracing your unique perspective and sharing it fearlessly can create profound, positive change in the world. Don't shy away from your potential—how dare you not be bold? Let's empower ourselves and each other to step up, speak out, and make a lasting impact! 

Tracy Rickards

Mythbusters - Creating Your Coaching Business Online, a Heart-Centred Approach

The world has been slower to change than one might think, even with tools like automation and AI. Using new tools with old ways of thinking is not the answer, and a heart-centred Fempreneur doesn’t want to “hustle and grind”. Let’s talk about the myths of what we’re taught about business, why that doesn’t work for us, and what we can do instead.

Vireo Karvonen

Sex Matters - Myths, Madness, & Magic for ALL Stages

In a world that often offers limited choices for women's sexual expression, it's time to reclaim your desire and embrace the joy of intimacy. Are you ready to take back your health, own your power and reignite passion in & out of the bedroom? If so, join me as I share my secrets to sexual success. You deserve to live a pleasure-filled life.

Wendy Blaskovic

Unravel Yourself With Me from the Inside Out

What would it take for you to unravel yourself and discover who you really are? Let's share our stories to uncover, discover why we do what we do and why we feel how we feel. Though self-discovery is a solitary process, this talk will reassure you that you are not alone.

We have talks to support you in every area of your life.  

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Join this lineup of amazing speakers who are here to help you:


And make a bigger impact on the world, but most importantly a bigger impact with YOU and your family life... your everyday life, that’s what is MOST important.




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Sacred Success Summit

May 9th & 10th 2024

Starting each day at 9:00am PST

Hosted by: Candace McKim, Samantha Kaaua & Ranchelle Van Bryce

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